Where Has Creativity Gone?

Words by
Jessica Milligan

Published on


I said this to my 6th-8th grade students, “I want you to take out a piece of paper and write a story using the five elements of writing. You need to first write down each element of your story and then bring it all together in creating a beginning, middle, and end. You can do this!”

Their responses:

“Mrs. Milligan, I do not know what to write.” 

“Mrs. Milligan, what do you want me to write about?”

“Mrs. Milligan, can I just look up a story and copy it?”

“Mrs. Milligan, can I do this at home so I can use my phone?”

Mrs. Milligan, Mrs. Milligan, Mrs. Milligan…

Over the past 3-5 years, I have found that students have lost the desire to think for themselves and be creative. They have a hard time using their imaginations. They want to look things up online instead of creating something new. They would rather have teachers just give them the answers than think for themselves and take a chance at being wrong. I worry that cell phones just encourage this generation to be reliant on instant answers. They lack a desire to create new ideas because they may be wrong or create something someone does not like. 

As a teacher, I was thrilled to find out about Gabb Wireless! It gives me hope in knowing there are other concerned adults out there that want something better for this generation! I am hopeful that parents and guardians will see the importance of keeping their child’s mind safe! Thank you, Gabb Wireless! I truly hope the best for your entrepreneurial journey and mission!